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PBC News & Comment Friday, March 2

Brad Friedman continues to fight the lies & deception from Andrew Breitbart; Senate barely rejects Blunt-Rubio as Rush goes misogynist  Hear an excerpt of my in-depth interview with Friedman here, and the full conversation in podcast 397.


Also covered:

–Afghan soldier kills 2 more American GI’s

–Pentagon reports more soldiers committed suicide than died in combat, for the second year in a row

–Peres, Netanyahu meet Obama and kick off AIPAC madness in Washington in the coming week

–Obama talks about cutting subsidies to Big Oil

–Phil Angelides in NY Times op-ed notes lax prosecution of the financial fraud exposed by his investigation

–Michele Bachman gets House approval for her own Bridge to Nowhere:¬† $700 million to connect 8,000 residents