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PBC News & Comment Friday, March 9

Beware viral video agit prop!  38 million view video on Africa’s killer Kony (with many inaccuracies) as Syrian activist Danny Dayem demands US invasion of Syria  Both cases show shortcomings of US media and the potential for manipulation of ill-informed Americans.

Also covered:

–Cindy Cohn, chief legal officer at Electronic Frontier Foundation, is our guest in today’s in-depth interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.  In an excerpt, she describes massive surveillance in the US

–Sen. Leahy demands from Attorney General Holder the memo that authorizes targeted killings;  FBI Director Mueller says he doesn’t know if the president can order an American killed in the US without process; right winger Napalitano speaks out in opposition

–former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY) who voted to impeach Nixon and supported impeaching Bush/Cheney, will talk about surveillance and legal memos that permitted torture in an upcoming interview here

–as US curtails citizen rights, China is expanding them

–protests planned for March 11, first anniversary of Fukushima

–gridlock disappears as House passes modest jobs bill

–Obama team is planning to defend “Obamacare” with staged rallies and vigils

–NY Times has powerful editorial today about sexual assault in our military–19,000 cases in a recent year

–Clear Channel, laden with debt from Bain Capital takeover,  draws shareholder lawsuit for alleged improper loan from its billboard subsidiary;  Limbaugh’s loss of 50 sponsors in one week won’t help

–Iowa hardens penalties for activists who expose animal cruelty and factory farming–do happy cows have something to hide?