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PBC News & Comment Thursday, March 8

Impeach Obama? Rep. Walter Jones offers impeachment resolution for violations of War Powers Act;  Breitbart’s threat to release Obama videos from Harvard fizzles.   Also covered:

–Rev. Moon’s Washington Times “newspaper” spins the news about Iran, Israel and more

–Health insurance whistleblower Wendell Potter reports AETNA CEO has stated “the end of insurance companies….is here”.  Read more here

–journalist in New Delhi accused of plot to kill Israelis–skepticism is warranted

–6 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

–gossip surfaces about conflict between bin Laden’s wives, as corporate media ignores reports that bin Laden’s corpse was flown to the US for autopsy, not buried at sea the next day

–HBO’s film on Sarah Palin debuts this weekend, review says that Palin’s detractors will consider the portrayal as “generous”