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PBC News & Comment Thursday, March 15

NPR bans “he said, she said” coverage!  Columbia’s Prof. Jeffrey Sachs mounts challenge to Larry Summers for World Bank president.  Also covered:

–GOP’s risky new front in war on women…..will they really oppose renewal of Violence Against Women Act?

–Santorum alienates Puerto Ricans with false “English only” claim

–Southern Miss band chants “Get a Green Card” to opponent’s Puerto Rican player:  racist, or ignorant?

–former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson is running for president

–investigator rips prosecutors in Ted Stevens trial–how about the same for Gov. Don Siegelman?

–Nashville filmmaker David Earnhardt sends clip of ex-Marine testifying against voter ID law, as committee votes to repeal it

–protest at Apple stores Friday, to demand improved labor terms or even “made in USA” from our most profitable corporation

–investigation of Oakland police riot against Occupy protesters is being run by the cops and an outside contractor

–TSA relaxes airport screening rules for seniors

–Senate passes transportation bill

–World Criminal Court convicts Congo warlord Lubanga