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PBC News & Comment Thursday, March 15

NPR bans "he said, she said" coverage!  Columbia's Prof. Jeffrey Sachs mounts challenge to Larry Summers for World Bank president.  Also covered:

--GOP's risky new front in war on women.....will they really oppose renewal of Violence Against Women Act?

--Santorum alienates Puerto Ricans with false "English only" claim

--Southern Miss band chants "Get a Green Card" to opponent's Puerto Rican player:  racist, or ignorant?

--former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson is running for president

--investigator rips prosecutors in Ted Stevens trial--how about the same for Gov. Don Siegelman?

--Nashville filmmaker David Earnhardt sends clip of ex-Marine testifying against voter ID law, as committee votes to repeal it

--protest at Apple stores Friday, to demand improved labor terms or even "made in USA" from our most profitable corporation

--investigation of Oakland police riot against Occupy protesters is being run by the cops and an outside contractor

--TSA relaxes airport screening rules for seniors

--Senate passes transportation bill

--World Criminal Court convicts Congo warlord Lubanga