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Sue Wilson of “Broadcast Blues” Talks About Boycotts of Limbaugh Sponsors; Will Durst Says We’re All Muppets


Media activist Sue Wilson joins us to talk about the sponsor boycotts of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show; Will Durst reacts to the Goldman Sachs guy who bailed:  “We’re all Muppets”.  Wilson produced the documentary Broadcast Blues about the massive imbalance in conservative-dominated talk radio.  On the heels of Limbaugh’s rants against Sandra Fluke, Wilson and others have promoted boycotts of his national sponsors, and those who advertise on his local affiliate stations.  We reveal how “barter” advertising works, and talk about how Rush’s twisted adolescent fantasies revolted even his dittohead fans.  Clear Channel, burdened with $18 billion in debt from the buyout led by Romney’s Bain Capital, may not be able to absorb the losses from boycotts.  Rush is also going to lose market share and affiliate stations to the new Mike Huckabee show that starts in 2 weeks.  You can link to the websites we mention here.

At 39:26, Will Durst talks about the confessional resignation of a Goldman Sachs banker.