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PBC News & Comment Friday, March 16

Hamid Karzai demands that US/NATO troops remain at bases, says Afghans are ready to take over.  Iraq vet in Bay Area kills self and 11-year-old sister; their mother is missing.  Also covered:

–Obama administration waives year-old “democracy” standards in order to deliver money to Egypt’s military rulers

–Rutgers student accused of hate crime in hazing of gay roommate

–Sens. Wyden and Udall challenge Patriot Act, in particular its secret interpretations and uses

–new law permits TSA to contract out airport security

–reporter probes what happens when partner’s iPhone disappears in luggage scanner at SFO checkpoint

–lax security on app sales at Apple’s iTunes store–Chinese hackers sell access to accounts for $35

–NPR’s This American Life retracts January report that was critical of Apple’s manufacturing in China

–Indiana Supreme Court pulls a fast one, says GOP governor can appoint replacement for GOP Secretary of State convicted of felony voter fraud, even though the law says the job should go to the Democrat who lost in 2010

–Paul Krugman challenges the lies from Romney, Gingrich and others that more domestic and offshore drilling would lower gas prices