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PBC News & Comment Monday, March 19

++next report 3/21++ San Francisco sheriff’s soap opera ends first season; Apple declines to use its billions for good; scary new Executive Order from Obama.¬† Also covered:

–Apple and Foxconn use retraction from This American Life to claim that everything’s peachy at sweatshops in China

–James Bamford exposes NSA data farm in Utah in Wired; Bamford will guest on an upcoming Boiling Frogs interview

–US names Afghan shooting spree suspect, now at Leavenworth, as Karzai calls the occupiers¬† “demons”

–NY Times Sunday top story:¬† Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program

–Senate hearing on misconduct in prosecution of Sen. Stevens draws the interest of Joe Carson, our friend and whistleblower

–Kony 2012 video draws more challenges as its creator flips out in San Diego, streaks his neighborhood

–Occupy protesters cleared from Zuccotti Park over the weekend, as MoveOn and Democratic party create new organization to co-opt Occupy