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PBC News & Comment Monday, March 19

++next report 3/21++ San Francisco sheriff's soap opera ends first season; Apple declines to use its billions for good; scary new Executive Order from Obama.  Also covered:

--Apple and Foxconn use retraction from This American Life to claim that everything's peachy at sweatshops in China

--James Bamford exposes NSA data farm in Utah in Wired; Bamford will guest on an upcoming Boiling Frogs interview

--US names Afghan shooting spree suspect, now at Leavenworth, as Karzai calls the occupiers  "demons"

--NY Times Sunday top story:  Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program

--Senate hearing on misconduct in prosecution of Sen. Stevens draws the interest of Joe Carson, our friend and whistleblower

--Kony 2012 video draws more challenges as its creator flips out in San Diego, streaks his neighborhood

--Occupy protesters cleared from Zuccotti Park over the weekend, as MoveOn and Democratic party create new organization to co-opt Occupy