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Marxian Economist Richard Wolff on Causes of Economic Mess; “Solartopia” Author Harvey Wasserman is Optimistic About Shutting Down Vermont Yankee Nuke Plant



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Prof. Richard Wolff teaches at New School in New York, writes for Truthout, and is the author of Capitalism Hits the Fan;  Harvey Wasserman is longtime anti-nuke activist, author of Solartopia. Wolff is respected for his critical thinking and ability to explain economics to the rest of us.  We talk about the origins of our current problems, the political blame game, and how Americans bypass the true culprits.  We talk about Apple’s $100 billion cash stash, most of which is stashed offshore awaiting tax breaks that won’t produce jobs as they claim.  He responds to  Romney’s claims that regulations stifle business and job growth, and offers interesting comments about Columbia Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and his effort to beat Larry Summers to become World Bank president.  We end on some upbeat notes about the Left Forum and Wolff’s speculation that Sarkozy may lose to a socialist in France.

At 45:50, Wasserman returns to talk about closing Vermont Yankee, the impact of Fukushima, and Obama’s support for new nuclear plant construction with huge federal loan guarantees.  He shares an interesting story about a Pennsylvania woman he credits for stronger containment features at Three Mile Island.