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PBC News & Comment Friday, March 23

ObamaCo chipping away at Bill of Rights, again; BushCo AG Mukasey lobbies for “terrorist” group MEK, and is still at large; NSA chief says they aren’t spying on Americans.  Also covered:

–As corporate media goes full tabloid over Trayvon Martin case, 3 white guys plead guilty to hate crimes in Mississippi for the racist sport-killing of an African American man

–Obama appoints Rutgers president to run World Bank, instead of Larry Summers or our favorite, Jeffrey Sachs

–Supreme Court gets thumbs up for ruling on plea bargains–97% of federal criminal cases are plea-bargained, only 3% go to trial

–Senate passes stinky “JOBS” bill that will lead to new wave of securities fraud–but since it’s called “JOBS”, Dems voted for it and Obama will sign it

–Suffering in Gaza increases due to cutbacks in electricty from Egypt

–Supreme Court will take up “Obamacare” in the coming week, and Obama is betting all-or-nothing on “severability”

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