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PBC News & Comment Friday, March 23

ObamaCo chipping away at Bill of Rights, again; BushCo AG Mukasey lobbies for "terrorist" group MEK, and is still at large; NSA chief says they aren't spying on Americans.  Also covered:

--As corporate media goes full tabloid over Trayvon Martin case, 3 white guys plead guilty to hate crimes in Mississippi for the racist sport-killing of an African American man

--Obama appoints Rutgers president to run World Bank, instead of Larry Summers or our favorite, Jeffrey Sachs

--Supreme Court gets thumbs up for ruling on plea bargains--97% of federal criminal cases are plea-bargained, only 3% go to trial

--Senate passes stinky "JOBS" bill that will lead to new wave of securities fraud--but since it's called "JOBS", Dems voted for it and Obama will sign it

--Suffering in Gaza increases due to cutbacks in electricty from Egypt

--Supreme Court will take up "Obamacare" in the coming week, and Obama is betting all-or-nothing on "severability"

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