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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, March 28

As Supreme Court wraps oral arguments on Obamacare, Justices ignore recusal demands; Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) reprimanded for wearing hoodie in the House.   Also:

–Komen foundation cancels lobby day, but continues to promote event in San Francisco

–Col. Ann Wright reports that conservative congressman Mike Turner (D-OH) is co-sponsoring bill to prevent sexual assault in military

–Dr. Jeff Kaye get UN attention to his Truthout report on suspicious “suicides” of Gitmo prisoners

–meltdown in Fukushima Unit 2 is till not contained, a year after the tsunami

–San Francisco murder investigation reveals that immigrant criminals ordered deported are often freed in the US when their country of origin refuses to accept them

–Catholics and Evangelicals used blacks and latinos as wedges against progressives in Prop 8 campaign to outlaw gay marriage