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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, March 28

As Supreme Court wraps oral arguments on Obamacare, Justices ignore recusal demands; Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) reprimanded for wearing hoodie in the House.   Also:

--Komen foundation cancels lobby day, but continues to promote event in San Francisco

--Col. Ann Wright reports that conservative congressman Mike Turner (D-OH) is co-sponsoring bill to prevent sexual assault in military

--Dr. Jeff Kaye get UN attention to his Truthout report on suspicious "suicides" of Gitmo prisoners

--meltdown in Fukushima Unit 2 is till not contained, a year after the tsunami

--San Francisco murder investigation reveals that immigrant criminals ordered deported are often freed in the US when their country of origin refuses to accept them

--Catholics and Evangelicals used blacks and latinos as wedges against progressives in Prop 8 campaign to outlaw gay marriage