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PBC News & Comment Thursday, March 29

“Guardian Angels” assigned to protect US troops from attacks by Afghans;  new report contradicts “lone berserk gunman” version of March 10 attacks on civilians.  Also:

–on Afghan killings, see this article at BoilngFrogsPost

–Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) investigates report that 40% of PTSD diagnoses are changed on review

–NY Times prints White House leaks on Iran policy, including fresh report that Israeli attack on Iran would lead to American deaths

–Times reporter in Lebanon adds a layer to incomplete reporting on Syria conflict: ethnic cleansing

–Center for Media and Democracy reports Walton family gave $1 million to California charter schools run by Turk named Gulen

–CMD’s ALEC Watch names big corporations that fund ALEC, which wrote the Florida “stand your ground” gun law at play in Traycon Martin killing

–Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduces Rebuild America Act, which includes increase in minimum wage; pro-corporate group calls it a “job killer” but we know that minimum wage jobs are killers

–wacko “Rev.” Lou Sheldon urges churches to spread lies about Obamacare

–Pope in Cuba makes profound statement, indicts himself