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PBC News & Comment Thursday, March 29

"Guardian Angels" assigned to protect US troops from attacks by Afghans;  new report contradicts "lone berserk gunman" version of March 10 attacks on civilians.  Also:

--on Afghan killings, see this article at BoilngFrogsPost

--Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) investigates report that 40% of PTSD diagnoses are changed on review

--NY Times prints White House leaks on Iran policy, including fresh report that Israeli attack on Iran would lead to American deaths

--Times reporter in Lebanon adds a layer to incomplete reporting on Syria conflict: ethnic cleansing

--Center for Media and Democracy reports Walton family gave $1 million to California charter schools run by Turk named Gulen

--CMD's ALEC Watch names big corporations that fund ALEC, which wrote the Florida "stand your ground" gun law at play in Traycon Martin killing

--Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduces Rebuild America Act, which includes increase in minimum wage; pro-corporate group calls it a "job killer" but we know that minimum wage jobs are killers

--wacko "Rev." Lou Sheldon urges churches to spread lies about Obamacare

--Pope in Cuba makes profound statement, indicts himself