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PBC News & Comment Friday, March 30

FBI instructed agents:  “You can bend the law” as needed!  Some Tea Party Repubs in House support revisions to NDAA to exclude Americans from indefinite detention w/out charge.  Also:

–Senate fails to roll back tax breaks for big oil companies, and the senators with highest oil contributions voted for their patrons

–Exxon profits up 35% but tax rate goes down

–Apple contractor in China, Foxconn, is overworking employees, promises–again–to reform

–Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to US, says he can’t go home due to death threats

–more details on Fukushima Daichi reactor 2, low water levels expose the core, radiation is deadly

–major bee kills may be linked to pesticides

–web companies want to keep secret meetings on “Do Not Track” policies