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PBC News & Comment Friday, March 30

FBI instructed agents:  "You can bend the law" as needed!  Some Tea Party Repubs in House support revisions to NDAA to exclude Americans from indefinite detention w/out charge.  Also:

--Senate fails to roll back tax breaks for big oil companies, and the senators with highest oil contributions voted for their patrons

--Exxon profits up 35% but tax rate goes down

--Apple contractor in China, Foxconn, is overworking employees, promises--again--to reform

--Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to US, says he can't go home due to death threats

--more details on Fukushima Daichi reactor 2, low water levels expose the core, radiation is deadly

--major bee kills may be linked to pesticides

--web companies want to keep secret meetings on "Do Not Track" policies