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PBC News & Comment Thursday, April 5

Official narrative of March 11 massacre in Afghanistan is contradicted by many Afghans; deal is struck to reduce US role in night raids.  Rachel Maddow gets B+ for report on torture.  Also:

--Gitmo kangaroo court sets schedule for trial of 9/11 suspects

--Inter-American Commission on Human Rights agrees to hear case of  Algerian prisoner at Gitmo who's been held for 10 years without charge, not even a hearing!

--excerpt from Rachel Maddow on MSDNC, where she dings Romney and (a rarity) Obama regarding torture and accountability

--Israeli Army evicts illegal settlers from Hebron

--toxic cops convicted in New Orleans for outrageous killings after Hurrican Katrina

--document proves the contractor KBR knew it was exposing our troops to toxins in Iraq, and lied about it

--PBC subscriber John Zweibel offers a comment on former Sen. George McGovern, hospitalized at age 89