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PBC News & Comment Friday, April 6

Obama signs toxic "JOBS" bill that will enable a new round of bankster fraud and investor fleecing; Pepe Escobar explains the layers of darkness in Syria's violent internal war.  Also:


--Pope gets tough on Catholics who think for themselves

--Missouri court refuses to dismiss charges against the bishop of Kansas City for failing to report child abuse by an abusive priest

--NY Times editorial notes that Florida law prevents Tampa from banning handguns right outside the GOP convention in August

--Connecticut becomes 17th state to ban death penalty

--Detroit falls to state receivership, although the law that enables the takeover was passed in an illegal manner

--Bahrain hunger striker draws big protest and crackdown, 2 weeks in advance of Barhrain Grand Prix

--Pakistan fumes at US for bounty on leader of Lashkar e-Taiba, who is taunting the US to arrest him

--Karzai announces investigation into Kabul Bank fraud.  Yawn here.