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PBC News & Comment Friday, April 6

Obama signs toxic “JOBS” bill that will enable a new round of bankster fraud and investor fleecing; Pepe Escobar explains the layers of darkness in Syria’s violent internal war.  Also:


–Pope gets tough on Catholics who think for themselves

–Missouri court refuses to dismiss charges against the bishop of Kansas City for failing to report child abuse by an abusive priest

–NY Times editorial notes that Florida law prevents Tampa from banning handguns right outside the GOP convention in August

–Connecticut becomes 17th state to ban death penalty

–Detroit falls to state receivership, although the law that enables the takeover was passed in an illegal manner

–Bahrain hunger striker draws big protest and crackdown, 2 weeks in advance of Barhrain Grand Prix

–Pakistan fumes at US for bounty on leader of Lashkar e-Taiba, who is taunting the US to arrest him

–Karzai announces investigation into Kabul Bank fraud.  Yawn here.