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PBC News & Comment Monday April 9

Glenn Greenwald reports doc filmmaker Laura Poitras gets detained every time she arrives at a US airport;  NY Times calls Gitmo trial of KSM “The Road We Need Not Have Traveled”.Also:

Wired reporter Spencer Ackerman notes that the KSM tribunal may sidestep torture issues by relying on plea-bargained testimony of Majid Khan

–Peter van Buren, who is being drummed out of the State Dept. for telling the truth (but no secrets) about reconstruction boondoggles in Iraq, won the pool with co-workers about his termination.  Van Buren will return here for an interview this week.

–media celebrates obscene compensation for corporate executives, while burying the story of 70 execs whose pay was trimmed by 10% by our government

–Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu are BFF’s

–during this worst recession/depression, only about 5 million people are getting welfare payments, 50 million get food stamps

–cell phone spam–mostly text messages–a growing curse