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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, April 10

Santorum practices Catholic birth control: he's "pulling out" of the presidential race; two important whistleblower updates-- with Sibel Edmonds' lawyer, Steve Kohn, and with Peter van Buren   --Kohn reports that the FBI is 310 days late in approving Sibel Edmonds' new book for publication

--van Buren, who is in the process of being fired after 24 years at the State Dept., gives a chilling account of an interrogation he had to submit to on Monday

--Britain says it will extradite 5 terrorism suspects to the US--but they are not going to Gitmo

--Scott Horton of Harper's notes that the 2006 memo by Philip Zelikow that surfaced last week may be critical in eventual war crimes trials

--California state Senator Mark Leno re-introduces a bill to require warrants before a cop can search your cell phone