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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, April 10

Santorum practices Catholic birth control: he’s “pulling out” of the presidential race; two important whistleblower updates– with Sibel Edmonds’ lawyer, Steve Kohn, and with Peter van Buren¬†¬† –Kohn reports that the FBI is 310 days late in approving Sibel Edmonds’ new book for publication

–van Buren, who is in the process of being fired after 24 years at the State Dept., gives a chilling account of an interrogation he had to submit to on Monday

–Britain says it will extradite 5 terrorism suspects to the US–but they are not going to Gitmo

–Scott Horton of Harper’s notes that the 2006 memo by Philip Zelikow that surfaced last week may be critical in eventual war crimes trials

–California state Senator Mark Leno re-introduces a bill to require warrants before a cop can search your cell phone