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Whistleblower Doubleheader: Sibel Edmonds’ Lawyer, Steve Kohn on the FBI; Update from Peter van Buren on Retaliation by State Dept.



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Attorney Steve Kohn talks about FBI games to block publication of the Sibel Edmonds Story, and Peter van Buren returns with a chilling account of State Dept. retaliation for his book, We Meant Well. Kohn is also author of The Whistleblower’s Handbook, and an expert on the limits imposed on government employees with security clearances who publish books.  Today, he publicly called out the FBI over its 341-day delay in responding to the submission of the manuscript for Classified Woman.  He explains the law and how the FBI has defied it, despite the facts that the Inspector General found Edmonds’ claims to be credile and serious, and that the book is based on matters that were never classified, or have been declassified.  Click here for more on Kohn, his book, and his National Whistleblowers Center.

At 32:46, Peter van Buren returns.  He is the courageous State Department employee who is presently enduring cruel and crude retaliation for his book and blog posts.  He details an interrogation session that just occurred a day ago, as his bosses attempt to humiliate him further and force him to quit before they fire him.  Van Buren is incredibly articulate and has a keen sense of humor that seems to keep him sane.  Visit his blog, before they shut it down.