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Professor Lisa Hajjar on Egypt’s Torturemaster-turned-Presidential Candidate; and on Syria Conflict, Upcoming Show Trials at Gitmo



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Professor Lisa Hajjar of UC Santa Barbara profiles Egypt’s Omar Suleiman, the reliable torture vendor now running for president.  Hajjar teaches sociology, and comments frequently on the MidEast and US torture and detention practices.  We open with a detailed discussion about Suleiman’s entry into the Egyptian presidential race to oppose the rising popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Suleiman has an ugly past as a tool of the US and Israel, and personally tortured at least one man who was “renditioned” under BushCo.  We also talk about the conflict in Syria, where Hajjar has relatives who support Assad.  Then to the issues of Guantanamo, including the restarted proceedings against Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, who may be the world waterboarding champ at 183 episodes.  The US has a challenge to convict him without evidence derived from torture, and Majid Khan recently plea bargained and is expected to testify against KSM.  She also updates us on Omar Khadr, the Canadian arrested at 14, who plea-bargained last year and was supposed to be returned to Canada by now.  And we talk about the imam from the Finsbury Mosque in London, just approved for extradition to US courts and prisons, promising a conflict with Congress.