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PBC News & Comment Monday, April 16

Secret Service Gone Wild!  Agents party with hookers in Columbia, as Obama hunkers down on failed policies regarding Cuba and the War on Some Drugs; Jim Bamford on NSA’s new spy facility in Utah.


–Taliban coordinated assaults kill 51 on Sunday in Afghanistan

–Egypt elections commission bars 3 presidential candidates, including Muslim Brotherhood’s al-Shater and torturer Suleiman

–S.F. Chronicle calls for review of drone strikes in Pakistan

–Syria cease-fire crumbling, more violence

–NATO report on Libya shows central role of US in air warfare

–Talks with Iran in Istanbul lead to more talks

–Justice Dept. approves $41 billion settlement with Native American tribes, victims of government abuse for a century

–Court says NPR, PBS must accept political ads

–5 sailors dead or lost in racing accident near Farralon Islands

–NY Times repeats lies as it honors Andrew Breitbart as some sort of a lovable rogue