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PBC News & Comment Monday, April 16

Secret Service Gone Wild!  Agents party with hookers in Columbia, as Obama hunkers down on failed policies regarding Cuba and the War on Some Drugs; Jim Bamford on NSA's new spy facility in Utah.


--Taliban coordinated assaults kill 51 on Sunday in Afghanistan

--Egypt elections commission bars 3 presidential candidates, including Muslim Brotherhood's al-Shater and torturer Suleiman

--S.F. Chronicle calls for review of drone strikes in Pakistan

--Syria cease-fire crumbling, more violence

--NATO report on Libya shows central role of US in air warfare

--Talks with Iran in Istanbul lead to more talks

--Justice Dept. approves $41 billion settlement with Native American tribes, victims of government abuse for a century

--Court says NPR, PBS must accept political ads

--5 sailors dead or lost in racing accident near Farralon Islands

--NY Times repeats lies as it honors Andrew Breitbart as some sort of a lovable rogue