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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, April 17

Your humble host made a ritual trip to the Post Office to mail his tax forms, and was reminded by a leafletting postal worker of the wanton cuts to the Postal Service based on contrived budgeting. Also:

–Karzai demands $2 billion per year from US, as Obama hits Romney in a campaign email for wanting “endless war” in AfPakistan

–ALEC distances from NRA and disbands committee that promoted “Stand Your Ground” law

–Spencer Ackerman at Wired reports Pentagon is seeking humane ways of interrogating suspects

–While US politicians ignore climate change, the Navies of the world are preparing to patrol the Arctic

–Aaron Glantz reports the Iraq vets in Bay Area wait almost a year to get care for brain injuries, PTSD and more

–Buffet rule fails to pass in Senate, Buffet reports he has prostate cancer

–more fallout from Secret Service debauchery in Colombia