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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, April 17

Your humble host made a ritual trip to the Post Office to mail his tax forms, and was reminded by a leafletting postal worker of the wanton cuts to the Postal Service based on contrived budgeting. Also:

--Karzai demands $2 billion per year from US, as Obama hits Romney in a campaign email for wanting "endless war" in AfPakistan

--ALEC distances from NRA and disbands committee that promoted "Stand Your Ground" law

--Spencer Ackerman at Wired reports Pentagon is seeking humane ways of interrogating suspects

--While US politicians ignore climate change, the Navies of the world are preparing to patrol the Arctic

--Aaron Glantz reports the Iraq vets in Bay Area wait almost a year to get care for brain injuries, PTSD and more

--Buffet rule fails to pass in Senate, Buffet reports he has prostate cancer

--more fallout from Secret Service debauchery in Colombia