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PBC News & Comment Thursday, April 19

Drummer Levon Helm of The Band dies; John Stauber talks about ALEC's pro-gun, pro-corporate legislative mill; 17 years since Oklahoma City bombing, 56% of terrorists are right-wingers  --2 years since Gulf of Mexico BP oil well disaster, but Congress has done nothing

--106 year anniversary of San Francisco earthquake

--Sen. Feinstein puts hold on interstate concealed weapons law

--California state senator Mark Leno responds to Supreme Court's strip search provision with sensible limits

--another state senator, Alex Padilla, has introduced a bill to require a court order before wireless service is cut off to block protests

--top cop at UC Davis retires over pepper spray incident in November

--executive pay compared to average workers shows obscene gap that continues to grow

--billionaires Larry Ellison (Oracle) and Larry Page (Google) duke it out in SF courtroom over patents for Android smart phone

--India launches missile that could strike China, with no criticism like that aimed at Iran and North Korea

--US responds to grisly photos from Afghanistan, wants to blame the LA Times for failing to censor itself

--student who was bullied and severly injured wins $4.2 mil settlement, Gary Chew reviews new movie Bully in podcast 447