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PBC News & Comment Thursday, April 19

Drummer Levon Helm of The Band dies; John Stauber talks about ALEC’s pro-gun, pro-corporate legislative mill; 17 years since Oklahoma City bombing, 56% of terrorists are right-wingersĀ  –2 years since Gulf of Mexico BP oil well disaster, but Congress has done nothing

–106 year anniversary of San Francisco earthquake

–Sen. Feinstein puts hold on interstate concealed weapons law

–California state senator Mark Leno responds to Supreme Court’s strip search provision with sensible limits

–another state senator, Alex Padilla, has introduced a bill to require a court order before wireless service is cut off to block protests

–top cop at UC Davis retires over pepper spray incident in November

–executive pay compared to average workers shows obscene gap that continues to grow

–billionaires Larry Ellison (Oracle) and Larry Page (Google) duke it out in SF courtroom over patents for Android smart phone

–India launches missile that could strike China, with no criticism like that aimed at Iran and North Korea

–US responds to grisly photos from Afghanistan, wants to blame the LA Times for failing to censor itself

–student who was bullied and severly injured wins $4.2 mil settlement, Gary Chew reviews new movie Bully in podcast 447