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John Stauber on ALEC’s Pro-Gun, Pro-Corporate Legislative Mill; Anarchist scott crow’s Response to Sentencing of Killer Cops in New Orleans



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John Stauber, retired co-founder of Center for Media and Democracy, on ALEC’s role in fostering right-wing laws; Anarchist scott crow on his FBI harassment, New Orleans after Katrina, and more.  From a live bradcast 4/18/12 on KPFK/Los Angeles.Stauber is an author and longtime anti-corporate activist.  He helped start the Center for Media and Democracy in Madison, which has been exposing ALEC and its corporate sponsors for more than a year.  Stauber talks about the “Stand Your Ground” law, likely to be used as a legal defense by the man who shot Trayvon Martin, the role of ultra-right leaders like Paul Weyrich in ALEC, and the long arc of conserative organizing that’s visible today.  Stauber also talks about the upcoming Wisconsin recall election of Gov. Scott Walker.

At about 41:25, scott crow returns.  He talks about his book, Black Flags and Windmills.  crow volunteered to help in New Orleans after Hurricane, and helped organize the Common Ground Collective.  He talks about the recent sentencing of 5 cops for the murder of survivors on the hurricane and floods.

At 56:56, Gary Chew returns from the movies to tell us about the new film Bully.