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Journalist/Historian Gareth Porter on Iran Nuke Talks and Afghanistan; Rebecca Griffin of Peace Action West on Their PAC for Peace



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Gareth Porter returns to talk about the recent talks with Iran in Istanbul, and the latest from Afghanistan;  Rebecca Griffin of Peace Action West on their PAC for peacePorter is one of the best-informed reporters on Iran and the recent escalation of tensions driven by the US and Israel.  We talk about the cost of saber-rattling at our gas pumps, that any rational evaluation of the intelligence–and potential blowback–should cause sane people to avoid conflict with Iran.  He talks about the recent negotiating session in Istanbul, UN inspections of the plant near Qom, and the meaning of the Supreme Ayatollah’s fatwa that says a nuclear Iran would violate principles of Islam.  He also updates us on Afghanistan, including the recent atrocious photos released by the LA Times, Karzai’s threat to resign early, changes to the rules for night raids (mostly meaningless) and more.

At 45:10, Rebecca Griffin tells us about the work of Peace Action West, and their Voter Fund (PAC) to support candidates with a strong pro-peace agenda.  We talk about their mission, and the challenges for Democratic electeds and candidates in challenging Obama’s policies in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  She describes the process of endorsing candidates, and you can find out more here. We also talk about the inconsistency of US policy toward liberation movements, and about candidates willing to fight for justice for Palestinians.