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PBC News & Comment Thursday, April 26

Dangerous cross pollination of CIA and Pentagon grows as Panetta announces new spy unit at “Defense”;  Gareth Porter comments on the cost of saber-rattling with Iran–at the gas pump   Also:

–Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passes “NDAA Nullification” bill–your humble host likes the policy, is wary of the politics

–in Bradley Manning court martial, judge refuses to dismiss the case, but may dismiss some of the 22 charges

–Jose Padilla, an American who was tortured at a Navy brig, appeals to the Supreme Court

–“Me too!” says Pakistan, launching a new (not nuke) missile

–France advocates UN military invasion of Syria

–California’s legislators show no shame, demanding to be paid even though they failed to pass a budget that was balanced and on time last year, contrary to recent voter initiative law