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PBC News & Comment Thursday, April 26

Dangerous cross pollination of CIA and Pentagon grows as Panetta announces new spy unit at "Defense";  Gareth Porter comments on the cost of saber-rattling with Iran--at the gas pump   Also:

--Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passes "NDAA Nullification" bill--your humble host likes the policy, is wary of the politics

--in Bradley Manning court martial, judge refuses to dismiss the case, but may dismiss some of the 22 charges

--Jose Padilla, an American who was tortured at a Navy brig, appeals to the Supreme Court

--"Me too!" says Pakistan, launching a new (not nuke) missile

--France advocates UN military invasion of Syria

--California's legislators show no shame, demanding to be paid even though they failed to pass a budget that was balanced and on time last year, contrary to recent voter initiative law