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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, May 1

Obama sneaks out to Afghanistan for photo op, commits US to 10 years of aid with no debate, no Congressional approval;  AP reveals that Pentagon only reports US deaths from Afghan fire.  Also:

–John Brennan, national security advisor, gives clearest description of US drone operations to date, along with fuzzy legal arguments

–Obama signed executive order critical of Syria and Iran for blocking internet communication

–May Day produces Occupy protests, some labor strikes

–Oakland and NY still dealing with investigations of police abuse of Occupy protesters last fall

–Wall St. security goons share surveillance of Occupy protesters with NYPD

–PBC thinks Obama is handling the case of blind Chinese dissident deftly, expecting an asylum grant soon

–Netanyahu may call early elections in Israel

–S. F. Chronicle has good, in-depth report on GMO’s

–in Boston, Sen. Scott Brown makes issue of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage

–do the punishments fit the crime?  3 examples