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Free Podcast: Part I of Exclusive 2-part Interview with Sibel Edmonds on Her Book: “Classified Woman”

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Sibel Edmonds explains why she wrote Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story and shares some anecdotes as she encountered corruption and espionage in the FBI’s Language Unit.Edmonds has become a friend and colleague of your humble host since we began talking in 2005.  She was hired as a translator right after 9/11, and soon encountered corruption in that unit.  When an agent for Turkey joined her department, tried to recruit Edmonds, and was exposed for protecting individuals and groups from scrutiny, Sibel reported to superiors as required by her employment contract and security clearance.  This led to incredible waves of retaliation as FBI management worked to cover up her revelations and punish her as an example to other employees.  In this first installment of our 2-part interview, Edmonds explains why she wrote the book, rejections from publishers who were intimidated by the government, and efforts by the FBI to block publication of this book.

Classified Woman is a powerful book that gives the full story of corruption and coverup at the FBI, and the remarkable efforts to silence her to avoid embarrassment, under the guise of the State Secrets Privilege.  As we discuss in the interview, like a teacher who is required to report signs of child abuse, Edmonds was a “mandated reporter” who did her duty and paid a terrible price for it.  Our system failed her–or, more accurately, screwed her– at every turn, as powerful players blocked action by Congress, the courts, and the Inspector General of the Justice Department.  This harrowing story is a must read for all who believe in our Constitution and the curtailment of our rights since 9/11.  Get more information and order the book here.

We offer these interviews free to all, and ecourage you to share this–people need to know this story, and we don’t expect the corporate media to cover it.