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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, May 8

CIA says it thwarted suicide attack with new & improved underwear bomb, but your humble host smells a rat; filibuster in Senate blocks student loan rate bill, no talk of the real problem.   Also:

–NY Times editorial page editor takes strong position against targeted killings, and buries it on his blog

–Yemenis react to latest drone kill, attack base and kill 22

–US reveals another wayward air strike in Afghanistan, 14 more civilians killed

–American hostage begs to be swapped for prisoners in video

–Netanyahu brings critic into government, cancels early elections plan

–Biden’s comments trigger backlash from connubial narcs on marriage equality, Obama shows failure to lead on an obvious civil rights issue

–appeals court dismisses suit by veterans who wait more than 4 years to get mental health care, shameful and callous ruling

–ALEC’s new push is for laws requiring drug testing of welfare and unemployment recipients