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PBC News & Comment Monday, May 7

Another wayward airstrike kills 6 Afghan civilians, risking Obama’s carefully constructed photo op in Kabul last week;  Gareth Porter calls out the lies and disinformation of the bin Laden killing story.  Hear the full interview with journalist/historian Porter in today’s in-depth interview, podcast 463


–France denies Sarkozy a second term, as Hollande promises to end the austerity measures

–Greece holds elections that deny power to top 2 parties, risking the austerity programs imposed there

–kangaroos act out at Gitmo’s kangaroo court

–Japan shuts down its last operating nuclear power reactor, as Unit 4 at Fukushima worries many experts

–Heartland Institutes repulsive ads promoting climate change denial depict the Unabomber and Manson as pro-climate science

–VP Biden and Ed. Secretary Duncan separately speak up in favor of marriage equality–trial balloons for Obama to “evolve”?

–tech billionaires battle to a draw in patent fight in San Francisco

–listener “FM” nails Obama with 18 reasons why liberals don’t trust him.