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PBC News & Comment Friday, May 11

More gay marriage reaction, as Biden apologizes to Obama for triggering the change;  PBS refers to areas with bigots as areas where “same sex marriage ‘resonates'”.  Also:

–Mary Boyle of Common Cause challenges ALEC’s tax exempt status, in excerpt from podcast 469

–concocted underwear bomber plot leads to more police state activity in the US

–the John Edwards trial should wrap up in a few days, prosecutors haven’t shown campaign law violations

–GOP-led House proposes meaningless cuts–but the Dems are only fighting over which non-defense spending to cut

–Joel Brinkley has unusually strong comments in an op-ed about “austerity” budgets in the S.F. Chronicle

–JP Morgan Chase admits $2 billion loss on derivatives, another cry for meaningful regulation of Wall Street

–NYC suspect cleared after inaccurate photo identification, as Dish TV runs offensive commercial about wrongful conviction

–Time magazine’s cover photo of breastfeeding mom draws the intended controversy, distraction from real news

–new reality TV entrapment show gets caught in perjury flap