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PBC News & Comment Monday, May 14

Roy Zimmerman opens with his latest, Romney Mitt, the Demon Barber of Wall Street, a great set up for JP Morgan's $2 billion trading loss, and the need for cops on Wall St.  Also:

--Gov. Jerry Brown announces $16 billion shortfall, so California gets austerity that will produce another recession

--Greece still can't form a government due to austerity backlash

--Afghan who attempted to negotiate a deal with Taliban is killed

--Iraq has new spasm of violence as US cuts losses in costly effort to train Iraqi police

--drawing surfaces of alleged Iranian detonation chamber that could be used for nuclear weapons testing

--Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson resigns after 4 months on the job, to to padded resume

--Alabama farmers scale back planting, as state immigration law has led to reductions in undocumented farm workers

--the mother of Gasland film maker Josh Fox signs letter to Michell Obama about fracking damage

--Memphis great Donald Duck Dunn dies, we pay tribute by listing all the great artists he has worked with