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PBC News & Comment, Tuesday May 15

Obama parties with Ricky Martin, gets more comfortable with the marriage issue, as VA blocks gay man’s judicial appointment and NC arrests lesbians seeking marriage license.  In an excerpt from today’s in-depth interview, Tom Frank says Obama’s switch was prompted by weak campaign fundraising.


–Frank also commented on the late Andrew Breitbart, whose junior partner in crime, James O’Keefe, released a gotcha video that was quickly discredited

–FBI launches investigation into JP Morgan trading loss, while ignoring earlier financial crimes

–Court OK’s lawsuits against military contractors for torture at Abu Ghraib

–Greece will call new elections, may drop the Euro

–new French prez Hollande, aborts flight to Germany when lightning hits the plane

–Iran executes alleged Mossad assassin

–US makes deal with Pakistan: re-open supply roads and get a trip to Chicago for NATO summit

–violence in Lebanon, drifting in from Syrai; Hezbollah says its rockets can hit Tel Aviv

–Green Party meets here in SF with its presidential candidates Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein

S.F. Chronicle columnist Debra J. Saunders gets it right (not just Right) this time, calls for commutation of Clarence Aaron’s sentence of 3 life terms.