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Author/Columnist Thomas Frank Talks About Billionaires, Bill Maher, Breitbart and the Kansas Effect



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Thomas Frank, columnist at Harper’s and author of the brilliant Pity the Billionaires, returns to dialogue and digress with your humble host on a range of topics.Yes, another frank chat with Tom Frank, always as interesting as it is entertaining.  We talk about his recent book tour and the hard times hustle of the coporate right in this election year.  Frank shares tales from the road, including a recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.  He dodged the question about smoking weed with Maher, but copped to being loaded on Red Bull during the show and its online “overtime” segment.  We talk about Frank’s recent column about the late Andrew Breitbart–who was featured uncritically on Maher’s show–and his ugly legacy of political “pranks” against liberal groups like ACORN.  Frank reveals that he shared with Breitbart an affection for Spy magazine and an aversion to Hollywood.  Having recently visited his homeland, the scene for his seminal What’s the Matter with Kansas? he has an interesting answer to the question about Obama’s shift on marriage equality and the Kansas Effect–will it cause people to vote against their economic self-interests?