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Robert Parry: NY Times Finally Prints the Truth About Megrahi’s Conviction for Pan Am 103; Roger Shuler Reports on Judge Mark Fuller, Who Railroaded Gov. Siegelman



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Two of my favorite contributors: Robert Parry of ConsortiumNews on Libyan Megrahi’s tainted conviction for PanAm 103 and a new angle on Watergate; blogger Roger Shuler on the fresh dirt on federal judge Mark Fuller in Alabama.  Parry hammers the New York Times for its coverage of Megrahi, the Libyan convicted for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Locherbie, Scotland.  Parry details the glaring lack of credibility of the conviction of Megrahi, and how the Times only disclosed the real story in Megrahi’s obituary on 5/21/12.  Just last year, all corporate media used Megrahi and his early medical release from prison to support the attack on Libya and the squishing of Qaddaffi, (intentionally?) overlooking the serious doubts raised by his trial and conviction.  We talk about the pattern of media collusion with government disinformation since the 1970’s, and the bullshit “plot” that was reported last year of the Iranian-American Arbabsiar’s scheme to partner with a Mexican drug cartel to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US–which is reported as fact despite the lack of any credible proof.  Parry offers history and context and has displayed the journalistic integrity to break from the pack and report the truth.  We also talk about his recent report marking the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-ins, and how the wiretaps were used to ensure the nomination of George McGovern, Nixon’s choice for his opponent in 1972.  Parry uses the episode to show the pattern of Democrats refusing to hold Republicans accountable for illegal acts.

At 40 minutes into the podcast, we go to Alabama for our Deep South correspondent, Roger Shuler.  His blog has great coverage and supporting documents in the divorce case of federal judge Mark Fuller, who presided over the political trial of former Dem governor Don Siegelman.  Fuller’s departing wife suggests in the court documents that he had a long-running affair with his clerk, that he abused her and their children when they were married, and that he may be addicted to prescription drugs.  Astoundingly, Fuller is a major owner of Doss Aviation, which has gotten Pentagon contracts totalling $300 million since 2005.  Fuller just succeeded in getting the divorce files sealed, but Shuler has key documents on his blog.