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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, May 22

U Mich Prof. Juan Cole warns of creeping fascism in American politics, and we hear an excerpt from our Robert Parry interview about the NY Times’ failures re the Libyan convicted for PanAm 103   Parry also talks about some interesting angles on Watergate, 40 years after the break-ins led to Nixon’s downfall.

–Roger Shuler reports on federal judge Mark Fuller, whose divorce case exposes serious dirt on the guy who railroaded Gov. Siegelman

–Washington Post says polls show Obama and Romney tied, and that this election may be close (enough to be stolen); also, Dem primary voters defect from Obama 30-40% when given a choice, even if that choice is serving hard time

–Scott Walker campaign fund in Wisconsin is on bank’s security watch list due to fraudulent contributions

–Sue Wilson is monitoring the radio coverage of Wisconsin’s recall election, finds pro-Walker coverage dominates and amounts to $600,000 plus in free media

–immigrant inmates at corporate prison stage riot in Natchez, Miss.

–Iran makes new deal on inspections, meeting in Baghdad tomorrow

–Ryan Crocker quits as our Afghan ambassador after only 10 months, and our ambassador to Pakistan has quit, too

–Reps. Barbara Lee and Jackie Speier hold meeting on VA delays in treatment approvals

–former Rutgers student gets 30 days for events that led to gay roomate’s suicide

–California working on new law to permit robot cars on the road