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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, May 30

On the report 6/4....Good Obama gives Bob Dylan a Medal of Freedom; Bad Obama has been revealed in NY Times story on targeted killings, and "progressive" MSDNC ignores it.    Also:

--excerpt from part 2 of Jason Leopold interview about the investigation of Abu Zubaidah's brother

--British Supreme Court refuses to block extradition of Assange

--GOP in Florida is scrubbing voter rolls, just like 2000

--John Nichols of The Nation shows that Gov. Scott Walker lied to Congress--will they string him up like Roger Clemons?

--Ohio passes the worst fracking law in the country

--Right media and politicos try to slime Elizabeth Warren for claiming to be part Native American

--Charles Taylor gets 50 years for war crimes

--Philippines impeaches their Supreme Court Chief Justice

--can we get some of that over here?

--most nations expel Syrian envoys over Houlah massacre

--Astroturf anti-union group promotes tasteless "Crony 2012", allegeing that Obama is too cozy with labor