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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, May 30

On the road…next report 6/4….Good Obama gives Bob Dylan a Medal of Freedom; Bad Obama has been revealed in NY Times story on targeted killings, and “progressive” MSDNC ignores it.    Also:

–excerpt from part 2 of Jason Leopold interview about the investigation of Abu Zubaidah’s brother

–British Supreme Court refuses to block extradition of Assange

–GOP in Florida is scrubbing voter rolls, just like 2000

–John Nichols of The Nation shows that Gov. Scott Walker lied to Congress–will they string him up like Roger Clemons?

–Ohio passes the worst fracking law in the country

–Right media and politicos try to slime Elizabeth Warren for claiming to be part Native American

–Charles Taylor gets 50 years for war crimes

–Philippines impeaches their Supreme Court Chief Justice

–can we get some of that over here?

–most nations expel Syrian envoys over Houlah massacre

–Astroturf anti-union group promotes tasteless “Crony 2012”, allegeing that Obama is too cozy with labor