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PBC News & Comment Monday, June 4

Obama administration takes credit for Stuxnet computer worm, opening a legal can of worms about cyberwarfare; Edwards gets mistrial, Siegelman gets shafted by Supreme Court¬†¬† We’ve given extensive coverage to the Siegelman case here, including recent podcast 480 with Roger Shuler, detailing the corrupt judge who convicted and sentenced the former Alabama governor.

–today’s drone strike kills/injures deputy al Qaeda leader, again, along with 15 others reported killed

–US/Pakistan thaw? Liaison officers reinstated

–Tuesday is round 1 of Wisconsin’s Walker recall, as the Gov. is revealed to be the target of a secret court investigation

–Judge in Florida smacks voter suppression efforts, approves voter registration plans

–Sen. Feinstein glides to a 4th term, with no real challenge from candidates or the media