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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, June 5

More coverage of the Supreme Court’s denial of Siegelman appeal, with excerpt from Andrew Kreig of Justice Integrity Project; 9th Circuit denies appeal of Prop 8 gay marriage banĀ  Also:

–PBC reveals his efforts to elect prgressive candidate Susan Adams to open seat in Congress in today’s California primary

–and he reveals that the new “open primary” rules prevented him from voting for Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, so he wrote in “Bill O’Rights”

–on Recall day in Wisconsin, voters get robocalls telling them they don’t need to vote

–Justice Dept and all 67 Florida election officials order stop to Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts to purge hundreds of thousands of voters

–in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry’s crew is working to remove 300,000 voters from the rolls

–despite what is said by anti-abortion nuts and the GOP candidates who pander to them, the “morning after” pill is not an abortion agent