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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, June 5

More coverage of the Supreme Court's denial of Siegelman appeal, with excerpt from Andrew Kreig of Justice Integrity Project; 9th Circuit denies appeal of Prop 8 gay marriage banĀ  Also:

--PBC reveals his efforts to elect prgressive candidate Susan Adams to open seat in Congress in today's California primary

--and he reveals that the new "open primary" rules prevented him from voting for Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, so he wrote in "Bill O'Rights"

--on Recall day in Wisconsin, voters get robocalls telling them they don't need to vote

--Justice Dept and all 67 Florida election officials order stop to Gov. Rick Scott's efforts to purge hundreds of thousands of voters

--in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry's crew is working to remove 300,000 voters from the rolls

--despite what is said by anti-abortion nuts and the GOP candidates who pander to them, the "morning after" pill is not an abortion agent