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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, June 6

Disturbing and disappointing elections results from Wisconsin and California, plus critical questions about the credibility of the vote count in Wisconsin and Obama’s no-show there   On Wisconsin (that’s a fight song, y’know) we also cite Steve Horn’s commentary about the decline of liberals and the hollow support from elected Dems in the face of a major assault on labor and working families.  Horn’s piece is at Counterpunch.


PBC recaps the disappointing outcome in the first real test of California’s  new Top 2 open primary using district maps that weren’t drawn by politicians, in District 2 where he worked as an advisor to candidate Susan Adams.  Update:  since I recorded the podcast:  Norman Solomon has NOT conceded, as he is presently ranked 3rd, 1,379 votes below Republican Dan Roberts and some absentee ballots have not been counted.  Atta way, Norman!


–Bill Clinton and Larry Summers are floating ideas about extending the Bush tax cuts, though Summers backpedaled (or is that “backpeddled”?) furiously when asked about the top 2%

–Dr. Jeffrey Kaye has a powerful new report at Truthout about the forced medication of Guantanamo detainees with an anti-malaria drug that is know to have severe psychological, and other, side effects.  Dr. Kaye has agreed to an interview early next week.