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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, June 6

Disturbing and disappointing elections results from Wisconsin and California, plus critical questions about the credibility of the vote count in Wisconsin and Obama's no-show there   On Wisconsin (that's a fight song, y'know) we also cite Steve Horn's commentary about the decline of liberals and the hollow support from elected Dems in the face of a major assault on labor and working families.  Horn's piece is at Counterpunch.


PBC recaps the disappointing outcome in the first real test of California's  new Top 2 open primary using district maps that weren't drawn by politicians, in District 2 where he worked as an advisor to candidate Susan Adams.  Update:  since I recorded the podcast:  Norman Solomon has NOT conceded, as he is presently ranked 3rd, 1,379 votes below Republican Dan Roberts and some absentee ballots have not been counted.  Atta way, Norman!


--Bill Clinton and Larry Summers are floating ideas about extending the Bush tax cuts, though Summers backpedaled (or is that "backpeddled"?) furiously when asked about the top 2%

--Dr. Jeffrey Kaye has a powerful new report at Truthout about the forced medication of Guantanamo detainees with an anti-malaria drug that is know to have severe psychological, and other, side effects.  Dr. Kaye has agreed to an interview early next week.