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PBC News & Comment Thursday, June 7

Attorney Carl Mayer updates us on the legal play that could overturn Citizens United this year!  And he breaks big news about the ruling to protect us from detention without charge or trialWith Mayer’s help, we are starting a series of reports on possible Supreme Court review of a decision by the Montana state supreme court that directly conflicts with Citizens United.  Using the 11th Amendment, Mayer argues that the Supreme Court does not have jurisdiction to hear the appeal.

Get Active! After you listen, click here to get more information on TEAM, The Eleventh Amendment Movement.

Call Gov. Brian Schweitzer at 406-444-3111

Call Attorney General Bullock at 406-444-4026

Tell them to file the brief challenging the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction in the appeal of the case “ATP vs. Bullock”.  It only takes a minute–I called both offices and the people who answered very very nice.

Mayer also updates us on his case that challenged the detention clause of the National Defense Authorization Act, where federal Judge Katherine B. Forrest put a hold on Section 1021 (b) (2).  The Obama administration filed for reconsideration, and claimed that her ruling was both too broad and only covered the plaintiffs, journalist Chris Hedges and others.  On June 6, Judge Forrest issued a blunt rejection of the administration’s claims, in a rare victory for our Constitutional rights.

We also praise The Nation for its strong editorial denouncing Obama’s targeted killing program, and David Sirota for similar comments on radio.  Sirota has started a satirical peitition on the White House website asking Obama to start a “Don Not Kill” list.

And we slam Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein and Carl Levin, who want to investigate the leaks about criminal activity, but not the criminal actions.

Bradley Manning’s defense team will get access to the government’s damage assessments from the leaks he is accused of.