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Part 4 on ‘Citizens United’: Mayer and Fergatch Respond to Adam Liptak Report in New York Times, and to Our Listener, Natalie, from Montana

Attorney Carl Mayer and activist Adam Fergatch return for Part 4 of our series on their effort to overturn Citizens United.  This podcast is free, available to all–please share it!  Mayer has emailed and called Times reporter Adam Liptak about the critical jurisdiction issue in the Montana appeal of its campaign law that bans corporate money; but in his June 11 report, Liptak does not even mention it, and reports his own prediction that the Court will take the case or issue a summary reversal.  It’s not too late for Montana’s AG to embrace the motion on jurisdiction, so please call or keep calling.

Get Active! After you listen, click here to get more information on TEAM, The Eleventh Amendment Movement.

Call Gov. Brian Schweitzer at 406-444-3111

Call Attorney General Bullock at 406-444-2026

Tell them to file the brief challenging the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction in the appeal of the case “ATP vs. Bullock”.  It only takes a minute–I called both offices and the people who answered were very nice.

In response to an email from our listener Natalie in Hamilton, Montana, Mayer and Fergatch express concern the Democratic leaders are just paying lip service to the idea of overturning Citizens United, and that media outlets don’t cover the issue because they crave the campaign spending.