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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, June 13

We open with a powerful critique of the Supreme Court by attorney Rob Hager, excerpted from today's Part 5 on Citizens United; US drops charges against John Edwards, not Don Siegelman   Also:

--Senate panel grills Holder over leak prosecutors, some call for his resignation--right call, wrong reasons

--JP Morgan Chase's Jamie Dimon defends losses, says execs responsible face "clawback" of compensation--what a concept!

--Public Citizen releases leaked documents from new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that's worse than NAFTA.  Read their analysis here.

--Greece and Egypt hold critical elections this week

--Israeli watchdog criticizes Netanyahu and Barak over attack on the Gaza Flotilla, news reports fail to mention it occurred in international waters

--NY Gov. Cuomo proposes some meaningful restrictions on fracking in New York state