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PBC News & Comment Friday, June 15

Top courts rule against democracy in Egypt, Bahrain–will US Supreme Court decline (we win!) or accept (we lose) the Montana case banning corporate political contributions??   Egypt heads for choas as Mubarak’s top court dissolves Parliament and says Mubarak’s last prime minister is eleigible for president.

Bahrain convicts 9 doctors for treating protesters injured by cops and soldiers last year


As we await word from the Supreme Court on the Montana appeal, the state’s Attorney General reveals his intentions in this op-ed in the L.A. Times.  As we’ve discussed with the attorneys in our special podcast series, Bullock is running for governor and seems to want the limelight of arguing the case before the November election.  It’s so unlikely that he could change the minds of the 5 justices who just approved Citizens United 2 years ago that this can only be seen as grandstanding by Bullock.


–Oakland’s $100,000 outside investigation of police misconduct in Occupy protest crackdowns fails to deal with key issues

–Oglala Sioux demand investigation into unexplained deaths at Pine Ridge reservation following Wounded Knee

–Michigan legislator is slammed and silenced for saying “vagina” in a floor debate on an anti-abortion bill

–the same prudes are silent about the crimes of Jerry Sandusky and Boy Scout leaders–who have scapegoated gays for the sex crimes of predators

–more radiation reported at Fukushima as Japan re-starts nuke plants in other parts of the country

–Obama eases immigration rules for children of illegal immigrants (and draws a heckler in Rose Garden news conference)

–Bob Fitrakis challenges the credibility of Wisconsin recall vote in an important column, and declares that “democracy is dead”.

–Women in India fight for the right to pee, for free!


Forgot to mention:  9/11 Truth Hearings convene in Vancouver this weekend.  Here’s a link to the video stream.  We deserve to know the truth about 9/11.