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PBC News & Comment Monday, June 18

Rodney King dies, let’s all try to get along; Harvard Prof. Roberto Unger, who taught Obama Law, says he should be defeated; Rory O’Connor warns about the CIA and Facebook          –elections followed promptly by military coup in Egypt

–elections in Greece tilt to pro-austerity party, but can it form a government?

–Obama’s nominee for ambassador to Iraq, a Bush guy, withdraws

–McCain and McConnell make wierd, conflicting sounds about big money and the super Pacs

–Charles Barron is running for Congress in NYC, and scaring some blue-eyed New Yorkers

–NY Times public editor responds to leak attacks, but doesn’t talk about why they sit on big stories until a book is due out

–Air Force’s secret space shuttle lands robotically at Vandenberg AFB, lotsa questions