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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, June 26

Supreme Court recap on Montana appeal of Citizens United, the ban on LWOP for teen convicts, and the Arizona immigration law, proving that Scalito, Roberts and Thomas are heartless   Also:

–Mississippi uses a back-alley tactic to effectively block abortions

–Karl Rove tells many lies about the Siegelman case on Fox Nooz–read Andrew Kreig’s excellent dissection here

–Blankenhorn flips to support gay marriage, we need more like this

–Egypt’s military dictators allow Muslim Bro to become president, with no constitution and no parliament

–Paraguay leads the way: fastest impeachment in world history

–Syria shoots down Turkish plane, tensions escalate

–Barhrain protesters now focus on US support for their repression

–last week, Supreme Court limited union political activities

–retiree from St. Louis runs op-ad that nails the Supreme Court

Dedicated to the memory of Kathi Kamen Goldmark.