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Breaking: Karl Rove’s Rant on Fox May Have Been Triggered by His Concern Over Being Outed as Bisexual



Our Deep South correspondent, Roger Shuler, shares his exclusive report that Karl Rove’s unhinged rant on Fox Nooz may be related to reports that he is bisexual, has young male loverShuler relies on a letter from former GOP campaign worker-turned-whistleblower Jill Simpson that asserts that Rove is bisexual, and identifies blogger Ali Akbar as his boyfriend.  This follows last week’s rant by Rove on Greta van Susteren’s Fox show, where he responded to her question about his Super PAC, Crossroads GPS, with a series of lies about Simpson, including the false statement that Simpson had been represented by attorney Bob Bauer.  Bauer represents the Obama campaign, and has been pressing Rove to disclose the donors to GPS.  Rove smeared former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman at the same time, and falsely suggested that Simpson had never testified under oath (she did) and that she had “disappeared”.

We also discuss Rachel Maddow’s coverage of Rove’s rant on her June 26 program, which was good at covering the GPS issues but did not focus on the Siegelman case.

Read Roger’s post, and see Simpson’s letter, here.

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