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PBC News & Comment Thursday, June 28

Supreme Court upholds most of Obamacare, corporate welfare for the health insurance industry, with some surprises; GOP-controlled House votes contempt for AG Holder, no surprisePBC comments on the suprise that a majority upheld the mandate as constitutional,  and that Chief Justice Roberts provided the key vote so he could write the opinion.  While it is a short-term political victory for Dems, the GOP repeal threat will remain during the campaign and into the next session.

We examine some of the analysis and spin, from Ezra Klein at Washington Post to right wing lawyer and liar Jay Sekulow to single payer advocate John Stauber.


–House votes to hold AG Holder in contempt, and lefty rag Fortune exposes the histeria promoted by gun nuts that team Obama hoped the guns would cause a massacre that would lead to new gun laws.

–SF Mayor Ed Lee proposes a stop-and-frisk law like New York’s, even though 88% of people stopped are innocent

–Berkeley considers ordering its police department not to work with FBI and other federal agencies