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Author Clint Werner and Dr. William Courtney: Benefits of Cannabis to Treat Cancer and Many Other Diseases Blocked by Irrational Drug Laws



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Clint Werner, author of Marijuana: Gateway to Health joins William Courtney, MD to talk about amazing developments in using cannabis compounds (mostly non-psychoactive) to treat cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.Werner has been a medical marijuana activist for many years, and his book offers exciting information from research, mostly in other countries, about uses of chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant.  Dr. Courtney has treated 7,000 patients with cannabis, and affirms Werner’s work on the many cannabinoid receptors in the human body.  They detail not only the palliative benefits of marijuana for many types of cancer patients, but also that cannabinoids (CBD’s) can be used to treat the cancer.  Werner says the NFL could reduce brain injuries to football players with medical marijuana, and lists an array of serious illnesses that respond, including ALS, Alzheimer’s/dementia, Parkinsons and many others.  Dr. Courtney, who recently ran for Congress, reports that he is moving to Luxembourg this Fall to conduct research that is not permitted in the US.  Both guests offer strong criticism of our idiotic regulatory system that blocks research even into the parts of cannabis plants that don’t yield THC.

Visit Werner’s website here, and look for Facebook page with the same name as the book.