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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, July 10

I'm back--a day late and dollars short.  Egypt remains stable as Morsi challenges the generals over Parliament (hold the Funkadelic); Pakistanis protest reopening of US supply routeAlso:

--6 more US troops die in Afghanistan, PBC recommends new article in The New Yorker by Dexter Filkins, predicting civil war after we leave

--Kofi Annan asks Iran for help with Syria, read Russ Baker's latest on Syria here

--Obama starts the skirmish over extension of Bush tax cuts with the right framing: extend middle class tax cuts, not the top 2%

--Romney outraises Obama in June, producing desperate emails from Joe Biden

--Rick Perry, the tough Texan, says he will refuse to set up Obamacare health insurance exchanges

--Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-Corrupt) claims re-election by 900 votes

--Poll shows Calfornia voters want to fix pensions for public employees without punishing public employees

--Serious Energy, which rescued Republic Windows and Doors in 2008, has pulled the plug on Republic and may be going down itself

--Law enforcement got phone companies to give cell phone info 1.3 million times last year, earning A T & T $8 million for violating our 4th amendment rights

--Yoga teacher at Facebook is fired for asking employees to turn off cellphones in class