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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, July 10

I’m back–a day late and dollars short.  Egypt remains stable as Morsi challenges the generals over Parliament (hold the Funkadelic); Pakistanis protest reopening of US supply routeAlso:

–6 more US troops die in Afghanistan, PBC recommends new article in The New Yorker by Dexter Filkins, predicting civil war after we leave

–Kofi Annan asks Iran for help with Syria, read Russ Baker’s latest on Syria here

–Obama starts the skirmish over extension of Bush tax cuts with the right framing: extend middle class tax cuts, not the top 2%

–Romney outraises Obama in June, producing desperate emails from Joe Biden

–Rick Perry, the tough Texan, says he will refuse to set up Obamacare health insurance exchanges

–Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-Corrupt) claims re-election by 900 votes

–Poll shows Calfornia voters want to fix pensions for public employees without punishing public employees

–Serious Energy, which rescued Republic Windows and Doors in 2008, has pulled the plug on Republic and may be going down itself

–Law enforcement got phone companies to give cell phone info 1.3 million times last year, earning A T & T $8 million for violating our 4th amendment rights

–Yoga teacher at Facebook is fired for asking employees to turn off cellphones in class