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PBC News & Comment Thursday, July 12

Your humble host is offended by NBC’s use of London Calling by The Clash in Olympics promo, and by the timing of complaints that US Olympians will wear uniforms made in China       Also:

–Obama campaign challenges Romney’s account of when he left Bain Capital and PBC asks about Romney’s low tax rate due to “carried interest” loophole

–NY Times reports on corporate campaign cash–despite Citizens United, companies are laundering their contributions through phony nonprofits like Crossroads GPS

–US taxpayers are paying the lowest amount in last 30 years

CREW files complaint against Rep. Darrell Issa for revealing confidential info from wiretap application, in Fast & Furious drama

–ex-FBI Direct Freeh releases sharply critical report on Penn State coverup of Sandusky’s abuse of boys

–Mississippi is temporarily blocked from its law that effectively bans abortions at the only clinic in the state

–Justice Dept. warns of impending raid on Harborside, the large Oakland medical cannabis outlet; election year politics

–in San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee is accused of perjury in his testimony to the Ethics Commission, which is reviewing Lee’s attempt to fire Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

–SF government has banned the purchase of Apple products, since Apple dropped out of a green certification program