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PBC News & Comment Friday the 13th

Romney is cornered by his shifting (and shifty) stories about when he actually left Bain;   NY Times profiles the best progressive candidate for President, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green PartyAlso:

--Arizona enacts abortion restrictions, reducing the legal window by 4 weeks

--Truthout's exclusive story on drugging of Gitmo prisoners gets picked up by AP, which highlights denials from the Pentagon

--new report of massacre in Syria as Kofi Annon admits failure to broker a cease-fire

--US adds more sanctions on Iran

--my local paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, is working hard to defeat liberal congressman Pete Stark, with the front-page story today of the endorsement of Stark's obscure opponent by former Rep. Ellen Tauscher

--in an editorial today, that same newspaper downplayed its own recent exclusive reports of possible perjury by Mayor Ed Lee in the proceedings to terminate the elected Sheriff

--Schwarzenegger is back where he belongs, making bad movies