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PBC News & Comment Friday the 13th

Romney is cornered by his shifting (and shifty) stories about when he actually left Bain;   NY Times profiles the best progressive candidate for President, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green PartyAlso:

–Arizona enacts abortion restrictions, reducing the legal window by 4 weeks

–Truthout’s exclusive story on drugging of Gitmo prisoners gets picked up by AP, which highlights denials from the Pentagon

–new report of massacre in Syria as Kofi Annon admits failure to broker a cease-fire

–US adds more sanctions on Iran

–my local paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, is working hard to defeat liberal congressman Pete Stark, with the front-page story today of the endorsement of Stark’s obscure opponent by former Rep. Ellen Tauscher

–in an editorial today, that same newspaper downplayed its own recent exclusive reports of possible perjury by Mayor Ed Lee in the proceedings to terminate the elected Sheriff

–Schwarzenegger is back where he belongs, making bad movies